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  • Updates the templates to support the changes in JS Widgets API version 0.7.0


  • Further improves the templates to remove the dependence on classes for the JS widgets logic


  • Changes the prefixes of most classes from wb- to wsb-
  • Adds a general form error, for example, when a server error happens and a user should be notified
  • Adds several 'data-' attributes to divs to replace the usage of classes with the usage of these attributes. It further weakens the interconnections of the themes and JS widgets


  • Removes hide/show links for trainers' bio on the event page
  • Increases a spacing between the instructions and the first field on the registration form
  • Adds README
  • Removes redundant theme styles
  • Adds Travis build and automatic deployment of new versions
  • Improves a message an attendee receives after registering for a workshop


  • Improves the layout of an event list for narrow screens


  • Improves the styling of a trainer page


  • Initial public release