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Creating a Custom Theme

Set up

  1. Clone or fork this repo
  2. Login to Workshop Butler, open Account Settings -> API, activate it and copy an API key for your account
  3. Retrieve all dependences via npm i

How it works

The build produces two files: template.[version].js and styles.[version].min.css]. The former one includes a layout for the themes. The latter one, obviously, contains the styles.

Such division gives you two options for implementing custom themes, based on the default ones:

  1. Alter the styles
  2. Change both the styles and the layout of the pages

If you change only the styles, compile a css file and include it on the page. If you change the layout, you need to pass the new templates to JS widgets.

Launch and Build

API_KEY=[your API key] npm run watch

This command launches a webserver on http://localhost:8080.

  • Open http://localhost:8080/event-list.html for the list of all events
  • Open http://localhost:8080/trainer-list.html for the list of all trainers

To compile a theme, use npm run build. The compiled files are in dist/ directory.


package.json -> version

Contains a version number, used in template.[version].js and styles.[version].min.css

config.js -> options -> theme

Name of an active theme. The theme is passed as a configuration parameter to Workshop Butler JS widgets. For default themes, use these values: alfred, dacota, britton, gatsby, hayes.

config.js -> options -> widgetVersion

Version number of Workshop Butler JS widgets. Based on this parameters, a particular version of the widgets is added to the HTML pages (for example, event-list.html).

Found a bug / Have a question

Open an issue and we will get back to you.