How to stay focused among the routine tasks?

Workshop management tool has never been so obliging.
How much time do you waste on keeping events on your website up to date? How do you communicate with your attendees before and after the event? How much effort you put into getting the feedback? What is the easiest way to provide your attendees with a certificates? What is the most exciting part in training organizing process? What tasks would you automate? Researching all these and much more questions we communicate a lot with independent trainers from our network. After dozens of interviews we discovered many similar problems from different facilitators.

Now Workshop Butler Beta is here to solve vast of routine tasks for you. We believe that the content is the main value. Workshop Butler provides you a service to make greater events. You can manage multiple brands you work with inside one platform. Use customizable reminders for your events. Keep in touch with your audience by MailChimp and Slack integrations. Easily collect the feedback with built-in evaluation forms. Auto-generate certificates for your attendees. Even more magic: With our new WIDGET you add or update the event and it appears on your website, several brand official websites (e.g. Management 3.0, Lean Change Management, more brands are coming) or Slack channels. Yes, synchronized and up to date.

Workshop Butler Dashboard: Manage all your brands and events in one place.
Currently, early adopters are welcome to check out Workshop Butler private Beta. In terms of stability and functionality pack we are ready for open release. However, we eager to explore deeper the feedback from our beta users and provide the release based on these insights. Give it a try and tell us what can be improved for your event.

Honestly, next Workshop Butler benefit was a bit terrifying even for us. Many interviews with early adopters revealed that some practices Workshop Butler already supports are quite new for independent trainers. After the demo or short discussions we received positive responses as “Great. I haven’t done this before. Now I definitely want this process be included in my event organizing flow”. Therefore, we are assured in learning function of the platform. We are excited to hear this and we’d love share the expertise we obtain while developing perfect event management platform with you.

Workshop Butler Blog

In this blog we’d like to share new features released in the platform, inspiration and tips for trainers, product and team news and the things we learned from your feedback.

To get started please join beta testers squad. This time it’s Beta not because it is better than nothing, but because even more event organizing goodies will be shipped with the release.

Stay focused on terrific content!
Workshop Butler Team

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