How to stay in touch with your attendees? Even after the workshop

Everything comes to the end. Even good things. Primarily good things. Yes, including great workshops. However, this is not a reason to freeze communication with the attendees. How to keep in touch with the audience after the workshop? What is the best way to continue the conversation?

Browsing the answers to these questions, we found a limitless inspiration for Workshop Butler functionality. Surely, we would like to share and discuss our discoveries with you.

8+ tools and hints for building long-term relationships with the audience you like to keep.

Before choosing the right tool the right choice of action is required. What exactly would be the best bonus after your workshop? We listed well-proven options from our investigation, experienced trainers tips, and inspiring goodreads.

Continue the discussion. It is always not enough time, when the conversation is great. You can continue to discuss questionable topics, add more materials or proofs of any hypothesis. Anything you couldn’t cover during the offline event.

Build the community. The more time you spend with the audience the closer connection you achieve. Meetups, keepsakes from the event can assist with offline promotion. Your event already formed the offline community. Support this by online companions.

Gather more feedback. Listening to your audience is one of the most straightforward ways to improve your events. No matter what it is: location, catering, examples or dynamics – people gladly share what they liked and didn’t like.

Share something more. It might be such a temptation for your attendees to receive an unique materials or tips on workshop’s topic after the event.

Create a networking platform for your attendees. They all participated in your event and have many topics to share with each other. Help the participants to stay connected and grow together professionally. Remember: Real changes start when workshop ends.

Get an inspiration. To inspire someone you have to be inspired yourself. Your attendees are great source of an inspiration. Dive into discussion with them to find the new ideas for further events. All the workshop are done for the attendees eventually.

Invite to the further events. Don’t miss the opportunity to share the news about next workshops. Recent attendees already know the value of your events and the content you provide. Even if they are not able to attend themselves, they can share and recommend your next workshop.

Alright. We know what can be first steps after the event. How we can do this? What tools can be used?

Facebook Groups can be dedicated to one particular workshop or workshop series on related topics. It’s a good platform for communication between attendees. Normally the activity on Facebook is quite high. People tend to comment there: You can get more explicit feedback from Facebook groups or event pages. Furthermore, all the content you provide via Facebook group can be easily shared and distributed through your audience network.

LinkedIn Groups. No need to say, LinkedIn is a marvelous platform for professional connections. However, it’s not a common tool for the discussions. Certainly, you can mention useful insights from your event in proper LinkedIn group which is not dedicated to this particular event. We haven’t found quite successful examples of such usage. In all cases the level of engagement was quite low. However it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t connect with your attendees there. LinkedIn audience appreciate inspiring relevant professional content.

Personal Website or Workshop Website. By visiting your website, the attendees return to the content and ideas you covered during the workshop. Your website visitors are definitely potential participants of further events. Keep them connected.

Brand Website. Be listed among related workshops. Brand website visitors is the audience you are after. Make sure the evaluations or endorsements are in place. This is the most essential way your previous events promote your further ones among brand audience.

Email blasts. Let’s face it. Even in 2016 email blasts and newsletters work. True. After the event attendees already know how useful the content from you can be. All the materials, additional tips, open questions, etc. are going to be heard. Workshop Butler provides an integration with your MailChimp account: You are able to automatically subscribe your attendees to MailChimp lists.

Workshop Butler post-event settings

Okay. Something more present-day?

Slack channels. As with LinkedIn and Facebook groups, you might have a separate channel for particular event or use relevant channels for the conversation with participants. With Workshop Butler you can automatically invite the attendees to your Slack channel.

Instant messengers. Currently, there are many instant messengers that are actively being developed and have growing popularity, as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Kik, etc. All of the above provide a great tooling to be closer to your participants. You can check personal channels and bots for announcements, chats and groups for discussions. Instant messengers reduce the distance essentially.

Please share with us how you keep in touch with the audience even after the event and what tools you use for this. We build Workshop Butler to automate vast of repeatable tasks for you and free your resources for further challenges. When the party is over, you look forward to next opportunities.

Keep in touch,
Workshop Butler Team

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