One-click registrations for your attendees: One place to rule them all

Please welcome a huge newbie in Workshop Butler armory: Built-in registrations for attendees. Now all workshop participants can register to your event via Workshop Butler without using any additional tools. The registration can be done directly by filling the form at event page and sending it in one click. The participants will be automatically added to the system and appeared among event attendees. All notifications are set up. More workshop organizing goodies at your service. Learn more details and try in action in Workshop Butler Beta.

The main purpose of any Workshop Butler feature is to simplify the workshop baking process for you. The workshop flow consists of many important processes. Today we concentrated on one of the first and most important — Attendees registrations. Previously, the attendees to the event could be added manually by the trainer or chosen from the attendees already registered into the system. The key limitation was that trainer’s attention was required to add and manage event attendees. Now the registration process can be automated and requires minimum efforts from the trainer.

With this release, participants are able to register for your event via Workshop Butler by themselves. The event page gained an option “Register to the event”. By clicking on the button one opens the form to add personal details. The participants fill information about themselves and confirm. The trainer and attendee receive an email about registration to the event. The attendee will automatically appear at Attendee’s list in the system.

Additional enhancements you’ll find on Attendees page is status columns. Since there are attendees who registered in the system by themselves and were not imported from any external tool or added manually, there can be attendees who registered and not participated in the event. The facilitator can indicate whether the registrant actually was on the workshop. Another thing which is now also displayed in the Attendees page is payment information for each participant. Also, can be edited by the trainer. These attributes are advantageous when you want to segment your audience to sent a special email blasts or when you want to see your event statistics. Now more data about your attendees is in one place and available at any time for further analysis, any integrated tools or post-event communication with workshop participants.


Speaking of post-event connection with the audience, recently we shared with you some hacks on post-event communication. With the built-in registration released we provide you with a more flexible tool as well. You can automatically segment the email recipients to actual participants or send it to all registrants. For example, follow-up emails with evaluation form link will be automatically sent to actual participants only.

Built-in registrations minimize your actual involving in pre-event routines. Check how it saves your time: Create your next event in Workshop Butler Beta. We cope with workshop organization pains, while you are polishing the content.

Grow your audience,
Workshop Butler team

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