Save hours per week on managing agile courses

Workshop Butler connects the tools your training company uses daily - website, mailing software, invoicing systems, and creates a continuous flow of data saving tens of hours by automating manual tasks.

Start saving hours

Up-to-date course information

Keep information about upcoming workshops, trainers and the latest testimonials on your website relevant with ease. Customise the templates to make sure the pages are as engaging as possible.

Simplify website updates

Email Sequences

Send automated personalised emails to participants before and after workshops from your email address.

Engage with attendees

Power of Zapier at your hands

Completely automate all administrative tasks by connecting Workshop Butler with your tools, like invoicing software or CRM. For example, you can automatically create invoices on each attendee registration and send them out.

Extend possibilities
I don't have to worry about all administration Workshop Butler is dealing with. It’s there, it works, it runs itself, it markets itself. I don’t even need to do anything or think about it which is awesome.
Jason Little
Jason Little
Founder at Lean Change Management

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Lean Change Management
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There is more...

Payments on website

Don't waste time on collecting money via bank transfers. Ask participants to pay first, and collect money via Stripe.

Certificate Generation

Forget about certificates from PowerPoint or Photoshop. Upload a template to Workshop Butler and send out certificates to participants on the fly.

4+ years
of continuous improvement
I don't keep anything about my participants outside Workshop Butler. It's always there. There is no reason for me to have a list sitting somewhere else. It's the only place where I go as I know, "The correct information is here."
Pia-Maria Thoren
Pia-Maria Thoren
Founder at Agile People

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