2-Day Management 3.0 Course

presented by Ryan Behrman, Dan Woodward
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Date :
23 — 24 June 2016
London, United Kingdom
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The Management 3.0 Original 2-day Course is a workshop, a course, a book and a collection of concrete practices, to inspire team members and managers to transform their teams and organisations to be more innovative and highly productive.

Over the two days of the course, participants will experience theory and practice in small chunks, reflect on inspiring stories, work through fun games and exercises and focused group discussions. The goal of the course is to inspire participants and provide them with tools to take action to improve their teams and organisation.

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Topics covered:

Agile Management is the generic term for leadership and governance of creative teams in a way that is consistent with lean agile thinking. You will become acquainted with the common methods and challenges of agile management in transformations around the world, and the necessity of good management in an agile organisation.

Complexity Thinking lays the foundation for the following Management 3.0 themes. It explains why traditional linear thinking is not appropriate in today’s world and why it should be replaced by thinking in complex adaptive systems.

Energise People explores the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the ten intrinsic desires and common techniques to explore what is important to people in your teams.

Empower Teams illustrates stories on self-organization and how managers can create the conditions for successful, self-organized teams. You will learn how to create empowerment and autonomy, distribute effective authorisation and decision-making in the organization and grow relationships based on trust. Concrete practices discussed include delegation poker and delegation boards.

Align Constraints revolves around setting goals and a sense of purpose that channels self-organisation in the desired direction. You will learn when to manage and when to lead, the criteria to set inspiring goals, and the challenges of management by objectives.

Develop Competence explains how and when to apply the seven approaches of competence development in order to grow high performing teams. Measuring competence in complex adaptive environments as well as recruitment best practices are discussed.

Grow Structure illustrates how organizational structures can be catalysts or barriers to growth. This session helps the manager to develop the best organizational structure to facilitate communication and to find the best mix of teams between specialisation and generalisation.

Change Management gives valuable suggestions on how we can drive continuous improvement of the organisation as a change agent. Four facets of change management are illustrated and practiced to help the participants become change agents in a complex environment.


Ryan's work is about coaching, mentoring, and training teams and individuals to work more effectively and productively. His approach is a pragmatic blend of coaching, consulting, mentoring, training, and facilitation. Ryan has experience influencing senior stakeholders in retail and finance to adopt more agile ways of working. He's introduced process change and helped to align and coordinate teams in multi-team environments through the design and facilitation of lean and agile ways of working within and across teams. 

Ryan is an experienced trainer and facilitator and runs regular public and in-house trainings and workshops in agile coaching, facilitation, Management 3.0, StrongSuits (a strengths-based tool), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum, Kanban, and other lean and agile ways of working. 
His early education and work were in engineering and web development. He holds an MBA degree from Warwick Business School where he wrote his dissertation comparing agile methods to traditional methods of management and workflow.
Ryan is a certificated coach with Coaching Development Ltd and subsequently served as a mentor on their programme. He is trained in action learning facilitation with Action Learning Centre and he facilitates monthly coaching and peer supervision groups for agile coaches.
Ryan has worked in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Poland and Germany with industries spanning retail, supply chain, publishing, government, travel, cloud software, education, investment banking, wealth management, and FinTech. 
Ryan is a regular speaker at Agile conferences, and is co-organiser of the annual Melly Camp unconference. He facilitates and teaches Management 3.0 all over the world in public and in-house courses. He can be reached at [email protected]

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I have always wanted to help people. To understand how people think, how things work and how I can make things better. When I was 12 I decided to be a doctor, but life seems to have had other ideas!

9 years ago someone introduced me to Agile, and the role of Scrum Master. I had finally found a way to take everything I loved about medicine and apply it in a different way to help people. Since then my vocation has been to learn how to make the workplace better. To make it effective, efficient and fulfilling.

I have spent the last nine years learning and applying Agile and Lean principles. I appreciate that every company is different, and every team has unique needs. I take a holistic approach to support my clients. I draw on almost a decade of knowledge and practical experience. And I am grateful to have been able to help many businesses improve how they work already.

I now focus on the wider challenges that businesses face: Complexity, knowledge and adaptability. I also draw on my medical background to see how people can bring every aspect of themselves to the workplace. I draw on themes of wellness and positive psychology and apply them in the workplace.

By 2020 the creative knowledge economy will disrupt your business like never before. Through a process of experimentation, learning and improvement I can help your organisation adapt. Send me a message to find out how.

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