Essential workshop management tools for productive trainers and teachers

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Routine automation tools

Workshop Butler provides you with all the essential tooling to automate repeatable routine tasks and concentrate on amazing content and pleasure of teaching.
Multiple event type support
Keep all the types of events under the same roof and clear interface. You can easily filter and focus on particular event type or look at the whole picture.
Event promotion tools
Take an advantage of the built-in event page: Generated right after you enter the event details and ready to be shared with the world. Integrate the synchronized event calendar into your website or any external platform you have access to.
Reminders and notifications
Prepare the warming welcome emails and set the reminders about the event for your attendees. Set them to be sent automatically and save your time.
Feedback collection
Automatically reminders for your audience, safety storage and the built-in evaluations form are here to ease your evaluation collection process. All the data will be available for further stats and deeper analysis.

Empowering your website

Turn your website into event management system. Increase your website traffic by providing your attendees with all the event details and registration forms. No more third-party tools.
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Add the event calendar into your website.
Remind your audience to save the date in advance.
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All the event details you entered into the Workshop Butler will be synchronized and displayed up to date in your website, blog or any external platform you connected with. No more endless edits and outdated data.
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Let you participants to register without distracting redirecting them to third-party tools. Include Workshop Butler built-in registration form into your website.
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Marvellous forms and colors are available for your event calendars. However, if you don’t find a perfect match, we are glad to help you with the custom widget design.

Absolutely free plan with all workshop management tools

€0 / month
All the benefits of routine automation tools are available with our FREE plan.
Free plan
Enjoy all the workshop management features for absolutely free. Get started with one commercial and unlimited nonprofit events per month.
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€39 / month
When grow out or ready to include your website into the workshop management eco-system, you are welcome to commercial subscriptions.
Subscription model
When one commercial event is not enough, subscribe to one of commercial plans with predictable payments from €39 per month . All these options include empowering your website with the workshop management goodies.
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