Workshop Butler

WSB - is a complete system specially designed to meet all the needs of training company management. If you can think of a daily task, we’ve already automated and simplified it.

Automate your routine

Workshop Butler connects the tools you use every day in your training management process, streamlining the flow of data from one place to another and saving precious time you used to spend on mundane tasks.

Website integration

Display up-to-date event calendar, trainer directory, testimonials and more by integrating Workshop Butler with your website. Students can register and pay for workshops without visiting a third-party page. All information is synchronized with your account. As soon as you add a new workshop or trainer, it's on your website.

Reminders and notifications

Never forget to remind attendees about event highlights with automatic reminders. Your audience will be informed and know that you care. Email messages are white-labeled and can be sent from your domain.

Automate feedback collection

Every event comes to an end, but it isn’t really over until feedback is collected. Feedback collection is tricky when it comes to professional training. Workshop Butler automates the reminders for all your attendees.

The power of apps with Zapier

Workshop Butler is integrated with Zapier, so you can forward data about attendees, workshops, and trainers, creating multiple pipelines of your choice: automatic invoice generation, adding students to a CRM, creating reports, and more.

Empower your website

Turn your website into a workshop management system. Increase your website traffic by providing your attendees with event details and registration forms. No more third-party tools or plugins.

Engage with your clients

Registration handling

With Workshop Butler you can easily accept registrations and payments without any additional tools. Add a built-in registration form to the event page or to your website so that potential clients are not redirected to external services that harvest their details. All data is automatically added to your account.

Communicate with event attendees effortlessly

No need to CC or BCC every student when it's time to provide additional information. Just send a personalized message through Workshop Butler using email templates, and it will be delivered from your email domains.

Personal emails and reminders

Everyone appreciates a personal touch and a quick response, but combining these two is tricky. We’ve made things easier. Prepare custom greetings for your attendees in advance and let Workshop Butler do the rest. Your registrants will receive automated personal emails and notifications about your event without any additional effort on your part.

Customizable registration forms

Our registration forms are fully customizable and GDPR-ready.

Attendee management

Attendee highlights
Attendees are of the key to every workshop. We display the highlights for you on a special workshop screen. Check registered attendees, their main statuses, and their financial details. See more details with a single click.
Details are stored safely
Information on your attendees is stored in your system. Easily access all of your attendees’ profiles and use this data for further analysis, marketing campaigns, or statistics.
Key attendee statuses
We added payment status to help you easily check and manage fees for your event. Participation status shows whether or not people attend the events they sign up for so you can analyze and increase your conversion rate. You can always get back to these registrants and see why they missed the workshop. Help them be present for the next event.
Customizable certificates
Send out certificates to students with a single click. Design and upload multiple certificates for different types of events.