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Routine automation and time saving tools

Workshop management tools are here to save your time while organizing the event.
Marvelously, you can find an inspiration by the available functionality and enhance your current workflow.
The-built-in event promo pages
All the details you provided about the upcoming event are nicely shaped into the built-in event page. The event page is created automatically and ready to be shared with the world.
Astonishing predesigned themes
Moreover, you can tune the promo event page to shine perfectly with our event page themes. Choose one of the predesigned styles. Let your event description to tell for itself.
Multiple event type support
Manage all the workshops under one roof: Use multiple categories for your events. Check the whole picture on the handy dashboard or focus on particular category by one-click filter.
Reminders and notifications
Never forget to remind your attendees about event’s highlights. The automatic reminders assist you with the process. Your audience will be informed and know your care.
Google Analytics support
For true data-zealots, explore the google analytics insights from your event page. Know exact number of page visitors, converted registrants and feedback providers.
Automate the feedback collection
Every event comes to the end. But it’s not over before the feedback collection. When it comes to professional trainings, the feedback gathering is trick. Workshop Butler automates the reminders for all your participants.
Turn any evaluation into endorsement
Anytime you can turn any evaluation stored in the system into a public endorsement. Navigate into the feedback you want to share and generate the endorsement. Chosen feedback will be displayed on the content providers websites.

Empowering your website

Turn your website into event management system. Increase your website traffic by providing your attendees with all the event details and registration forms. No more third-party tools.
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Add the event calendar into your website.
Remind your audience to save the date in advance.
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All the event details you entered into the Workshop Butler will be synchronized and displayed up to date in your website, blog or any external platform you connected with. No more endless edits and outdated data.
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Let you participants to register without distracting redirecting them to third-party tools. Include Workshop Butler built-in registration form into your website.
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Marvellous forms and colors are available for your event calendars. However, if you don’t find a perfect match, we are glad to help you with the custom widget design.

Attendee acquisition and engagement

Gain trust and focus by making all the organization processes smoother. Attendees love personal care and attention.
Registrations handling
With Workshop Butler you can easily collect attendees registrations without any additional tools. You can add the built-in registration form to event page or even your website. No need to redirect potential clients to many external services to get their details. All the data will be automatically added into your system.
Personal emails and reminders
Everyone appreciate personal care and quick response. It’s tricky to combine these two. We made things easier. Prepare a custom greetings for your participants in advance and let Workshop Butler do the rest. Your registrants will receive personal emails and notifications about your event without your effort.
Attendees management
Attendees highlights
Each event is about participants after all. We display all the highlights for you on your event screen. Check all the attendees highlights any time: Registered customers and their main statuses. Navigate into deeper details in one click.
Details are stored safely
All the attendees info is stored in your system. You can easily access to all your participants profiles and use these for further analysis, marketing campaigns or statistics.
Key attendees statuses
We added payment status to let your effortlessly check and manage fees for your event. Participation status will indicate actual visitors rate. It helps you know and increase your conversion rate. You can always get back to these registrants and check more details on the reasons they could not be at the workshop. Help them not to miss the next event.
Certificates support
Boost community engagement by providing your attendees with the certificates for your own carefully crafted workshops. The participants would like to share their achievements.
Third-party integrations
MailChimp and Slack integrations provides you with the straightforward way to continue the conversation with your participants by emails or Slack channels. Additionally, You can integrate Workshop Butler with your favourite tools via Zapier.
Post-event communication
Prepare a nice “P.S.” for your event with the built-in follow-ups. Share more materials, useful links or any important words. Custom emails will be sent automatically for your attendees after the event.