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As it is for the moment - WE are the team that works every day on a special product, in a special environment and has very special relationships within.

Workshop Butler Sergey Kotlov
Hello! My name is Sergey and I am the founder of the one and only WSB.

How ME transformed into US

Few years ago I was working as CTO of Happy Melly, the company that was responsible for the development of the Management 3.0 brand. I was in charge of development of the training management system that later became Workshop Butler. It all started with a few clients, but over time as the user base grew, the WSB project evolved enough to become autonomous.

Nowadays several hundred trainers and training companies use Workshop Butler on a daily basis. Our team has also expanded: now we are capable of operating smoothly and productively under any circumstances and keep delivering excellent service to our customers. But above that - we are ready to make a step forward and move our product to a whole new level.

Workshop Butler is in a unique position where it provides services to different types of training businesses, taking into account the interconnectedness of the training market. Having that in mind, we see Workshop Butler as a product which serves millions of people - trainers, training managers, students, workshop organizers - in their daily work.

Workshop Butler Sergey Kotlov Founder
Sergey Kotlov Founder
Workshop Butler Max Leonov Developer
Max Leonov Developer
Workshop Butler Ekaterina Orlova Support
Ekaterina Orlova Support
Workshop Butler Alexey Skuratov Designer
Alexey Skuratov Designer
Workshop Butler Maybe You are superhero?
Maybe You? Superhero

Our Philosophy

We strive to keep our work effective and smart. We are enthusiastic about our small business customers, or as we prefer to call them - partners and friends. We are passionate about our partners’ goals and success. We think that collaboration and friendliness are powerful tools to make every dream a reality.

We believe that our team’s diversity is what empowers us, every new talent, every different point of view will always be welcomed at WSB. Our goal is to become a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable company to broaden our horizons.