About us

One passion unites all training businesses — to give people new knowledge that improves their lives. Everyone finds its own way to reach this goal. Some of us organise and run workshops, coach people and companies. Others create new ideas, develop learning materials and find passionate trainers to teach students.
No matter what path your business follow, they are many things to do which are less fulfilling and creative. You need to update the list of upcoming workshops and trainers. You must process registrations and handle invoices. You have to give students additional information about the events and track licensing requests.
The administrative side is mundane, boring, time-consuming and yet essential for any successful business.
Here Workshop Butler comes to the stage. You "hire" the Butler and delegate administrative tasks to him.
  • Want to notify trainers about expiring licenses?
  • Generate detailed growth reports?
  • Collect feedback from students?
He'll gladly do it for you, and much more. He's a skilful man, our Butler. Every month he learns new stuff to save you an additional couple of hours.
The Butler is your partner in crime. Take him to the team and give yourself space for more creative and meaningful jobs. The jobs that you enjoy the most. The jobs that bring significant value to trainers and students.
Hopefully, you get a good sense of why we started Workshop Butler.
Request a demo or drop us a line if you have any questions. We are happy to hear from you via hello@workshopbutler.com