Certificate & License Providers

When you run a training class, do you use your own materials and provide your own certificates? Usually not. In most cases, you are certified by one of many companies with a strong well-known brand. Scrum.org, Lean Kanban University, LeSS, Training from the Back of the Room… you name it.
These companies – we call them certificate & license providers – help you to promote your courses and get more attendees. For that you need to add a class to their website, and copy it to your website. And update on both websites if something changes. Not with Workshop Butler.
Event created on Workshop Butler
Event preview on content provider
Event preview on your website
When you add a training class from a registered provider, it appears on your website and on the website of that provider at once. In custom layouts for both websites.
Visitors can register to the class from any of these websites and you see them in one place with no additional hassle.
These certificate & license providers already integrated Workshop Butler with their websites:
…and extremely happy with it ^.^
Workshop Butler makes setting up trainings for myself and my Facilitators a breeze! Not only that, but it allows workshop participants to evaluate events and receive certificates - all automatically. The amount of time this saves in manual labor is worth every penny!
Lisette Sutherland
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