Workshop Butler Certificates

Students expect to receive a certificate of attendance or achievement after a training session. Workshop Butler allows you to create and send them automatically, so you can reward your attendees with personalized printable certificates effortlessly.
Workshop Butler Certificates

Create certificate template

Set up your template using Microsoft Word
Workshop Butler Create certificate template

Certificate design and content is limited only by your imagination: you can use horizontal or vertical templates and add names of attendees and trainers, workshop title, dates, signatures of trainers, and more. Create multiple templates for different training types.

How to Create a Certificate Template

Automate certificate generation and delivery

No extra effort required
Workshop Butler Automate certificate generation and delivery

After the certificate template is added to your brand, Workshop Butler generates and sends certificates to attendees. Certificates will be sent automatically to attendees after their feedback is submitted.

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Certificate Customization

€90 / 1 pcs

Send us your certificate template and requirements and we will customize it according to your needs. After you’re satisfied with the template we will add it to your WSB account immediately.

Workshop Butler Certificate Customization