Certificates & Badges

Certificates and badges are a de-facto standard of competence in a training industry. Many students expect to get a certificate after a workshop. Trainers also like to show their badges on their websites as proof of their expertise.

Workshop Butler helps you to meet these expectations without any effort.

Automatic generation of certificates

Automatic generation of certificates

After you add a certificate template to your brand, Workshop Butler generates and sends the certificates to attendees of paid events. To enable this, all a trainer needs to do is to approve an evaluation or click the “Generate Certificate” link in their account.

Fully customisable certificates

The design and content of certificates are limited only by your imagination. Any information available at the moment of certification generation can be added to them: names of attendees and trainers, workshop title, dates and type of workshop, signatures of trainers, and more.

Badges for trainers

Badges for trainers

Badges are a great way to distinguish one trainer from another and help potential students choose the right trainer for their needs.

As a brand owner, you define the rules of how badges must be earned. Designed correctly, badges become a hallmark of distinction that accelerates the learning and practice sharing inside the community.

In Workshop Butler, you have an unlimited number of badges you can assign to your trainers.

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