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Workshop Butler is a customizable toolkit for managing certification businesses of any size. It adapts to your business model and allows you to grow from 0 to 1000+ trainers using the same processes.

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Use our no code plugins to integrate Workshop Butler with your website. In less than 20 minutes, you will have a slick calendar of licensed events, a category of certified trainers with rich profiles, testimonials and more.

What was really good about Workshop Butler was getting it integrated into our website. There are a couple of plugins for WordPress, and they pretty just much work. We had some occasional problems, but your support line was quick and responsive. And so, we really had no issues getting our system up and live.
Peter Stevens Personal Agility Institute


Give your trainers full autonomy in managing their profiles and licensed workshops.

Workshop Butler ensures your certified trainers have everything they need to sell and run workshops effectively. It also gives you the power to act promptly in case of bad actors.

Concentrate on your business - not theirs.

Workshop Butler has allowed me to scale my company without hiring anyone. This tool gives total autonomy to my workshop Facilitators while promoting a feeling of community at the same time… I can't imagine running my company without it!
Lisette Sutherland Director at Collaboration Superpowers

Automate & Track

Workshop Butler sends notifications to trainers about expiring licenses, handle renewals and blocks inactive trainers. It calculates fees for certified events, issues invoices and collects payments.

You have a clear view of your business with mundane tasks being automated!

Workshop Butler is a platform where everything related to our workshops is connected, and visible. The biggest benefit is that we have one system that stores all information regarding the workshops. For example, we always have a real-time overview of facilitators and are able to see who renewed their subscriptions. Without it, it would not be possible to grow our brand as we currently do. To keep track of all this data manually, with for example Google Sheets, we would go crazy!
Ralph vas Roosmaalen CEO at Management 3.0 Learn more


Workshop Butler is the only system on the market designed for certification businesses. Start as small as one licensed trainer and grow to become a household name known by thousands of practitioners in your industry.

Each certification
business is unique

Each certification business is unique. We know as we have been helping them to thrive for more than seven years.

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