Because website integration

A beautiful and simple solution to synchronize yours upcoming events
Display the upcoming events details and collect attendees registrations right via your website by integrating Workshop Butler. The website integration is simple to setup, effortless to update and has everything you need for displaying your events on your website.
Get started and save your time for enjoyable tasks!
Display upcoming events on your website effortlessly
Use Workshop Butler website integration to show the upcoming events on your website. You can show event overview, location, dates, or other highlighted details. Nicely scheduled list gives your attendees the best
Setup is easier than you can imagine
Workshop Butler Integration is surprisingly easy. Just take up to 30 minutes of your time. Mostly, this time is required to think about layout, event details, your website design and picking the best option for you. Choose from default layouts or contact us about the available customization for your website design
Collect attendee registrations right from your website
No more need for additional tools. With Workshop Butler integration you can collect the attendees registration via your website. We take care for your audience: All the details will be automatically loaded to the attendees list in the platform.
Automatically keep your events up to date
All the changes you made to event details will be automatically synchronized. No more multiple updates to all the sources you use. Keep all your web resources up to date. Automatically. By spending less time.
Promote your event on additional sources
Your website is not the only source you can use for event promotion. Integrate Workshop Butler into your blog or any other resources you can use. Marvelously, all the event details are still updated effortlessly.
Get support when you need it
The setup process is straightforward. Step-by-step guides and demos take care of your journey to effective workshop management. If you experience any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!
Supported websites
All commercial Workshop Butler plans include website integration.
You can choose the option:
Default website integration
Awesome minimum is to show scheduled event list with details on your website. That is exactly what default integration does. You can choose from default layouts. The process is “copy-paste” like.
See demo website
Custom website integration
Do you love your website design? Don’t want to compromise it? We are happy to help you adapting the integration to your website design. No setup fee! The result will look organically at your stunning website and attract more attendees with always up to date information.
“All-you-need-and-more” integration
We understand that some of your have really complicated websites eco-system. We can find an ultimate customization for your needs. One update to synchronize the event details everywhere. Multiple your free time for enjoyable tasks.