There’re more to love…

  1. Easy Configuration and Installation

    Use our Website Integration Kit to configure the integration within a few minutes and a couple of clicks. No technical skills are required.

  2. White-labelled solutions

    We understand that it is your branding and your image. The integrations are fully customizable, and the sky’s the limit for your imagination to take over.

  3. Support for Different Languages

    Speak with website visitors in their own language. The website integration comes with the support of English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch out of the box and it can be easily extended to your own language.

  1. Work on any website

    You can install our integration widgets on almost any website: self-hosted WordPress, a set of HTML pages, Drupal, Square ... you name it!

  2. Native Support for WordPress

    Install Workshop Butler plugin for WordPress to simplify the process of integration even further.