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Integrating your websites with WSB benefits your marketing processes, automation, seamless management, and communication with customers.

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Provide a better customer experience

If you want to put the customer at the center of your business and focus on customer experience, Integration is essential to providing customer support at every stage, from initial contact to after-class events.

Increase your productivity and reduce admin work

Using different tools for different activities creates a complex, error-prone, and time-consuming process where you manually copy information from one place to another.

Integration with WSB bundles your internal processes such as registrations, payments, feedback collection, communication with customers, and even upcoming event promotion. Integration removes the need for manual exporting and importing and lets your managers focus on more important tasks.

Get reliable and consistent information

Integration eliminates human error. Data is never lost, and you also save time on manual data entry. The use of our built-in Evaluation module enhances data collection, processing, and application.

Increase sales

Integrating your website with WSB shortens the sale process. You get thoughtfully designed event pages with promo blocks, ratings and testimonials, and all the information your customers might need.

Potential leads enter the system directly from your website, giving your team the opportunity to ultimately improve conversion rates.

Integration made easy

Work on your website

WSB integrates with your website smoothly without redirecting customers to third-party pages. Our widgets can be installed on any website.

White-Label solutions

Integrations are completely customizable, preserving your brand, identity, and the ways you communicate with customers.

Support for different languages

Integration comes with support for English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch out of the box. Other languages can be added easily.

Easy configuration and installation

Use our Website Integration Kit to configure the integration in a couple of clicks. No technical skills required.

Support all well-known website builders

We have a number of successful integrations with websites, built and hosted on Squarespace, Webflow, and Wix. Contact us if you are not sure our Integration works with your website builder.

Native support for WP

Native Support for WordPress. Use our all-in-one plugin for your WordPress website.

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