Evaluations & Ratings

As a participant, you would certainly want to learn more about a trainer before joining a workshop, so you read the testimonials and check how other students rated the trainer. As a trainer, you would want to collect and post feedback easily on your main website and other websites. And as a brand owner or a training company manager, you would want to see how good your workshops and trainers are, and use this information for promotion and constant improvement.

To respond to these various needs, Workshop Butler has a built-in evaluation and rating module.


Hosted Evaluation Forms

Thanks to our hosted evaluation forms, you can collect feedback instantly, without needing additional steps. Each event has its own evaluation form. When your student completes and sends an evaluation, it is attached to the event. You can always get back to it for another look, along with evaluations from other students.

Integrated Evaluation Forms

Workshop Butler API allows you to collect feedback directly from your website. You define the look; we take care of the storage and management.

Manual and Automated Evaluation Requests

While creating an event, you can order Workshop Butler to send automated evaluation requests to all participating students when the event is over. You can change the content of the request, or send a manual one to the participants who haven't responded yet.


Evaluation Form Settings

Customisable Evaluation Forms

Built-in forms come with 10 predefined questions. Only three of them are used for statistics and cannot be modified. You can switch off the others, or make them optional for the convenience of your students.

Notifications and Dashboard

When a new evaluation appears, you’ll get a notification via email. With a couple of clicks, you can check and approve it. All pending evaluations are visible on the dashboard, so it's very easy to act on them.

Instant Testimonials

You read an evaluation and think it would be a good thing to show it to your potential clients? Click “Create Testimonial” and it’s instantly added to your profile, together with the rating. All websites, which are integrated with Workshop Butler and have an access to your profile, will then show an updated version of it.

Certificates Generation

If a knowledge brand has a certificate of attendance, certificates for the attendees are generated and sent to them as soon as the trainer approves their evaluations.


Trainer Profile

Detailed statistics for every trainer

Workshop Butler stores, calculates, and delivers via API a number of different parameters: average rating, median, NPS, detailed scores. Show to your visitors as much data as you need.

Separate ratings for public and private workshops

It’s no secret that people rate public and private workshops differently. We take this into account and calculate two ratings for trainers: one for public and one for private events. The ratings are available in the trainer profile. Use them for promotions alongside your testimonials.

Rating chart

High-level view

Check how your brand evolves in different countries, and compare NPS and ratings for any period of time. And if you should launch a new course and want to see how it’s doing, just filter the results by its type.