Workshop Butler Feedback: Evaluations & Testimonials

Feedback collection helps improve services, while ratings and testimonials are generally used to promote and market future events. These different tasks require information from the same source: your customers.

WSB has a thoughtfully designed and automated Evaluation module that combines feedback, evaluation, and testimonial collecting features.

Workshop Butler Feedback: Evaluations & Testimonials

Data collection

Workshop Butler Data collection
At the end of each class, attendees receive a link to a feedback collection form so they can evaluate the trainer and the workshop and share their opinions on how the experience could be improved.
Workshop Butler Data collection

Customized feedback forms

Request any information you need with a customized feedback collection form that is beautifully designed and easy to set up.
Workshop Butler Customized feedback forms

Evaluation and ratings

Attendees can evaluate their general impression of the trainer by assigning them 0-5 stars. Ratings are calculated based on these evaluations.
Workshop Butler Evaluation and ratings


Mandatory fields are a trust-building tool in WSB. Once information is submitted it cannot be changed or edited, which is an important and useful feature. If an attendee checks the consent box, you can use their testimonial to promote upcoming events.
Workshop Butler Testimonials
Workshop Butler Attendee view

Attendee view

If you want to get fair and comprehensive feedback, you have act fast and give attendees the right tools. WSB can help with both.
Workshop Butler Receiving the request

Receiving the request

Following a class, all actual attendees receive an email with a feedback request that is customizable and contains a unique link to your feedback form for that class.
Workshop Butler Filling out the form

Filling out the form

Clicking on the link takes the attendee to the form page. Mandatory fields are marked by red asterisks.
Workshop Butler Receiving the certificate

Receiving the certificate

After submitting feedback, the attendee receives a thank-you email and an automatically generated certificate (if your company provides one).

Data processing

Workshop Butler Data processing
When attendees submit their forms, you see them on a list of Evaluations.
Workshop Butler Data processing


There are many ways to use the information you receive. WSB can export all forms as a spreadsheet.
Workshop Butler Feedback

Evaluation and Ratings

Attendees’ ratings can be used for internal and external purposes. Ratings can be displayed on the facilitator's profile page in WSB and, if the website is integrated with our workshop management system, on the company's website.
Workshop Butler Evaluation and Ratings


Once you receive consent to use feedback publicly, it appears on your website and starts working for you. All feedback is displayed on the trainer's profile page in WSB.
Workshop Butler Testimonials

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