Save 7+ days per month on training management

Workshop Butler replaces several tools like spreadsheets, event management plugins, Google Forms and MailChimp to simplify the course administration. It works best for training companies with up to 50 trainers.

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Use our no code plugins to integrate Workshop Butler with your website. In less than 20 minutes, you will have a slick calendar of events, registration pages with built-in PayPal and bank card payments, a list of trainers and more.

With the help of WSB, we are now presenting our offer of courses on three different websites without any extra admin work. We can track registrations, receive payments and communicate with participants in one place.
Lili David Co-developer of Sociocracy 3.0

Communicate with ease

Workshop Butler gives you flexibility in your communication with class attendees. Configure automated, fully customisable email messages, or send a personalised message to all students at once. All emails are white-labelled – just connect your mailing domain.

The best thing about WSB is that I can create an event, and all communications are already set up, so I don’t have to look at it anymore. People enrol for the training, and they receive everything they need. I would definitely recommend it for organisations that organise workshops like we do.
Charlotte Van Rompaey The Campus

Store & Sync

Workshop Butler allows you to store all information about classes and students in one place and sync it with other tools in your pocket, like invoicing software or a CRM system. Track what events attendees participated, and how they evaluated them.

Thanks to WSB, you have a clear view of your business, with mundane tasks being automated!

I don't keep anything about my participants outside Workshop Butler. It's always there. There is no reason for me to have a list sitting somewhere else. It's the only place where I go as I know, «The correct information is here»
Pia-Maria Thorén Founder at Agile People

Designed for agile

Workshop Butler is the only system on the market that allows you to manage licensed agile classes without doing additional work. You publish a class on your website and it is automatically available on websites of Management 3.0, Lean Change, Agile People and many other certification brands.

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