Workshop Butler Communication with attendees

Communication with attendees is an integral part of all training and its importance can’t be overestimated. It must be smooth and personalized for the benefit of attendees, and effective and automated for the benefit of managers. Workshop Butler can do both.
Workshop Butler Communication with attendees

Communicate with training attendees using one management system

Registration On Your Website

Customized registration forms
This is where your communication starts. Use customized registration forms to get all the information you require while remaining GDPR compliant. Use different templates for both free and paid events, together with multiple payment options.

Workshop Butler Customized registration forms

Email Automation

Customized emails sent from your domain
WSB offers whitelabel solutions, so you can send personalized emails directly from your domain. Email content and appearance are totally up to you, we only assist in automating the process. You can send emails to any group of your contacts in WSB.

Workshop Butler Email Automation

Automated reminders

Reminders sent without extra effort
Save time and be confident everyone will stay up-to-date with automated reminders. Once everything is set up, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Workshop Butler Automated reminders

Feedback Collection

Customized evaluation forms
Get reliable and consistent information you can immediately use on your website to sell more training sessions.

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Workshop Butler Customized evaluation forms

Sending Certificates

Reward your attendees with personalized certificates.
Create branded certificates and automate their delivery.

Workshop Butler Sending Certificates

Support for Multiple Languages

We have default email templates available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch, and it’s possible to write your own letters in any language your audience speaks.

Workshop Butler Support for Multiple Languages

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