Fees for Licensed Events

Whether you are a brand or a certificate body, the fees for licensed events are probably a major source of your revenue. It is common to charge an event fee for each paid workshop, either for using official learning materials, for promotion, or for licensing the attendees.

The calculation of fees for licensed events can be a daunting task, especially when you have more than a handful of events per month. The final fee usually depends on the number of hours or number of attendees. In some cases, it varies from region to region. As a result, the process is tedious and prone to error.

This process is seamless with Workshop Butler, and you forget about the nightmare forever.

Three types of fees

Do you charge per event? Or number of attendees? Or by the hour? No problem. Just select the type you need. The fees for completed events are then calculated automatically.

Support for regional fee variations

Workshops in Switzerland cost more than workshops in India. It makes sense to charge trainers more as well. Set different prices for different countries or for online events.

Frictionless price update

Increase or decrease your fees with a couple of clicks. The fees for all scheduled events are then recalculated automatically.

Informative Dashboard

All licensed events without invoices are visible on the dashboard. You’ll never forget to charge for the event again!