Management 3.0 - Engaging Leadership Practices

presented by Jürgen De Smet, Annelies De Meyere
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6 — 7 June 2016
Gent, Belgium
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You are guiding teams and organizations towards a more effective business environment to work in. You have been searching for guidelines and practices to support you in your quest to steer teams successfully. Within your quest you experimented with a lot of practices, techniques and tools from many different ideologies such as Beyond Budgeting, Lean, Agile, PmBOK, Prince2, ITIL, Corba, Situational Leadership, RACI…

You experienced that “Management” is not something you can capture in one single ideology, you feel that you have to be aware of a lot of them to become a good mentor and be able to guide your business to operational effectiveness. You are aware that you have to combine ideologies with a proper organizational setting, engagement and motivation in order to be really successful!

That’s where “Management 3.0” comes in to play!

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A two-day, hands-on course that offers serious games, tools and best practices that project managers, team leaders, middle management and C-level executives can take home and use immediately to start increasing employee engagement and instigate change management today.

Based on complexity science, combining a lot of different management and leadership practices and techniques, you’ll learn how to change your organization to a more productive, creative and engaging environment for everybody involved.

You can expect the course to adhere to the following principles: * simple memorable structure * theory and practice in small chunks * use of clear, effective visuals * games and exercises * group and individual contributions * concrete practices, tangible results

De Smet

Jurgen De Smet was a guiding hand in one of the largest Agile transitions in EU Healthcare. A master of game techniques for serious enterprise, he has taken companies in some of the most risk-averse, regulated industries and made them rock star achievers of sustainable innovation.

His Belgium-based company Co-Learning supports senior and middle management and entrepreneurs in building and sustaining learning organizations.

Known as tough, knowledgeable, persistent and energizing, he is a driver of Gamestorming across Europe, a Innovation Games Qualified Instructor, and the first to implement Luke Hohmann’s concepts for citizen participation in Budget Games outside the United States.

Jurgen is a Licensed Management 3.0 trainer, Certified LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) Trainer, Qualified Innovation Games Instructor, Black Belt Collaboration Architect, Licensed Collaboration Super Powers trianer, and the author of the Dutch book: "Budgetspelen: Inwoners bepalen het beleid!", author of the book: "The Effective Use of Gamification Techniques in the Practical World", co-author of "Personal Kanban in a nutshell: The practical guide to personal happiness" and a leader in regional and global communities of practice that keep him freestyling with the best.

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De Meyere

Annelies tumbled into Agile by proxy through her husband and the interesting network she encountered, and started mixing these newly discovered skills in her day-to-day work as Service Manager in a high security environment with international clients.

Feeling the need for better communication across teams and levels within organisations, Annelies made the switch to become an Agile coach via Co-Learning. Helping companies adapt towards a more flexible way of working, guiding teams towards better results and facilitating change management. She is highly specialised in getting teams with different cultural backgrounds on the same level of communication, reaching far better results and stronger team bonds.

Annelies is a brainstorm facilitator, trainer and coach for teams and individuals, Management 3.0 facilitator and practitioner, Certified LeSS Practitioner and Certified Purple Belt Innovation Games Collaboration Architect.

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