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21 January 2021, 15:00 —
26 January 2021, 19:00
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Charles-Louis de Maere
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What to expect in our two-day visual facilitation training?

Charles-Louis will conduct the bikablo basics two-day-training-format in an online fashion over four half-days.

During this time, we'll all learning the bikablo visualization technique with a particular focus on its application in presentation, facilitation, recording and knowledge-sharing. Beginners and advanced visual facilitators are both warmly welcome!

No matter how small or big your talent or experience, you will learn how to use small details to make large spaces look clear, attractive, and lively. You will be working in small groups and Charles-Louis will take plenty of time to answer your questions and guide you into the world of visual language with guidance and techniques suited to fit your individual progress.


Training is more fun with friends! Even when learning online we can have a great atmosphere when learning with friends. You will save 200 EUR (VAT excluded) when you register for two people. Please note that I will ship the material to a single address though.

Dates and Times

This workshop will run over the course of four half-days, from 15:00 till 19:00 CEST. Please mark the dates in your calendar!

Thursday, Jan 21st

Friday, Jan 22nd

Monday, Jan 25th

Tuesday, Jan 26th

  • Holding the pen and drawing the line: How do I draw clean lines and structure my space on the flip chart?
  • Graphics and text containers: How do I create simple arrows and connecting elements from basic geometric shapes in order to present related topics? Which text containers (e.g. speech bubbles) can be used to support which kinds of messages?
  • Objects and symbols: How do I draw simple symbols to underline messages? What is essential, what can be left out?
  • Figures: What easy ways does bikablo® provide to draw people, roles, groups and situations?
  • Color and space: What are simple and fast options to color elements and spaces in a quick and simple way that supports the graphic structure?
  • Writing: how do I improve my handwriting on the flip chart to make it more legible and attractive?
  • Live scribing: How can I use easy step-by-step techniques to record a dialogue in real-time and enhance a recorded poster with a key visual?
  • Posters and settings: How do I combine the ingredients (graphics, writing, symbols, figures, and color) to create to the point visual translations of content and meaningful posters for different purposes (welcome, agenda, instructions, group work)?

Online Format

This training will be delivered in an online format. In order to keep the training dynamic and engaging, and also to preserve our energy from draining too much, this training will be given over the course of four half-days instead of two full days.

Also, since we won't be present in the same room to use all my material, I will ship the following material to you so you can use my preferred tools for the trade:

  • Flipchart paper: Since we strongly believe that visualisation is something that's best experienced in big formats, you will get a roll of Neuland Flipchart paper.
  • Set of coloured BigOne markers: When registering, you can make your choice between the SunSet (red to yellow colours), Mermaid's Kiss (blue to green) or Lemon Tree (green to yellow) colour variants. Each set contains five BigOne markers (see here). Please add your choice in the comments.
  • Set of ChalkPastel: Using the ChalkPastel you will be able to experiment with different ways of colouring.
  • A bottle of Outliner ink: We will use our Outliner marker a lot, with this bottle you should have plenty of extra ink to spare! Furthermore, we'll experiment with refilling the marker.
  • Starterset: Every participant receives the official bikablo StarterSet including four visualisation markers and two StarterBooklets that summarize the principles, content and techniques of the training on 64 pages. So you can start using them as soon as you're back from the training!

Since I will be shipping all of this to you from Belgium before the training starts, make sure you register and pay your invoice in a timely fashion!

  • Documentation: For your follow-up you will receive a digital photo documentation of all results.
  • Contact: In case you need further information, please contact me through
  • Other dates: should this date not work for you, please check my profile on the bikablo website for other training opportunities.

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