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2-Day Management 3.0 Course Foundations and Workout

14—15 May 2016
London, United Kingdom
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As a founder, manager or intrapreneur, have you ever wondered, how could you be more innovative in your company culture to create teams that gel naturally? How to handle key management topics - such as motivating, delegating, promoting and goal setting - in a fair and transparent way?

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Founders, Intrapreneurs, HR managers, Changemakers, Managers, Agile coaches, CEOs, Incubator members and high-growth startup teams

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Event is in English, all materials and handouts are in English.
Total hours 16, 8 hour(s) per day.


As a lean agile coach and trainer, Andrea works with organizations to become better sources of value by continuous improvement, rapid adaptation and collaborative learning. She has experience working with various teams and multinationals across Europe, US, Canada and Asia, in any sector where software development is applied.

"While there is a lot of focus on practices and processes in Lean Agile transformations, I believe in the power of individuals to bring about change. When individuals start to question the status quo, change their own behaviours and inspire other team members to do so, then change happens." - says Andrea.

As managers/team leaders/coaches, it is our role to create the right environment, systems and boundaries to empower our talented teams of knowledge workers to strive & learn.

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