Virtual Lean Change Agent Foundations

13 October 2022, 16:00 —
24 November 2022, 18:00
India Time   (now 11:06)
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Sarika Kharbanda
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As Change Agents and Agile Practitioners, we are always looking for new approaches to facilitate meaningful change, especially in today's fast-paced environment.

Lean Change Management is a feedback-driven approach to change that has been designed by merging good ideas from Agile, Change management, HR and Organizational development wrapped in Lean Start-up thinking.

This workshop is based on the 'Lean Change Management' and is designed for all those passionate to facilitate such meaningful change into their organization with a blend of Agile and Lean techniques to facilitate change.

Lean Change Agent workshop will help you answer questions like:
  • How can we reduce uncertainty by iterating our way through change?
  • How can we reframe resistance to change by changing how we think about change?
  • How can we integrate agile and change management?
  • How can we apply agile practices to complex change programs?

With this workshop you broaden your Change Toolkit and discover more practices to introduce and facilitate change across your organisations and you decide which tool to pull out of your toolkit and when.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to apply Agile and Lean techniques to Change Management
  • How to use Agile techniques within your existing Change Management framework
  • How to reframe resistance to change to response to change
  • How to modernize your change management practices
  • Combine ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, OD and CM to develop your own contextual change framework
  • How to use light-weight planning and measurement tools such as Change Canvases, Perspective mapping etc

Days + Times: Thursdays - once a week

    • 13 Oct : 1600 - 1800 (GMT + 5:30)
    • 20 Oct : 1600 - 1800 (GMT + 5:30)
      --------27 OCT - NO SESSION ------
    • 03 Nov : 1600 - 1800 (GMT + 5:30)
    • 10 Nov : 1600 - 1800 (GMT + 5:30)
    • 17 Nov : 1600 - 1800 (GMT + 5:30)
    • 24 Nov : 1600 - 1800 (GMT + 5:30)
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  • Agile and Change Management: Overview of the Agile values and principles, and how you can apply that thinking to change management.
  • What is Lean Change Management: and how is it similar, and different, to how you approach change today?
  • Ecosystem of Change: Who is affected - directly and indirectly, within and outside your influence and how you could build your own sphere of influence to nudge change forward
  • Alignment: How to use light-weight tools for change readiness, change lift-offs and ongoing facilitation of change
  • Experiments: How to move away from Change activities and move towards change experiments including good practices for communication, creating alignment and providing status to change sponsors
  • People: Explore how different people respond to change differently and how you, the change agent, can navigate that complexity
  • Wrap-up: and explore what your own change framework could look like

Additional Learner Benefits:

  • Digital copy of Lean Change Management by Jason Little
  • Digital copy of Change Agility by Jason Little
  • Access to Modern Change Agent community portal - with 3 months free access included
  • Global Peer-based learning
  • Connections with a global community of change agents
  • Lean Change Agent Explorer badge

Minimum #participants to confirm this workshop: 4
Maximum #participants in this workshop: 15

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