Lean Change Agent Foundations

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13 March 2023, 16:00 —
30 March 2023, 18:00
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Patrick Verdonk
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Learning Objectives

Lean Change Agent Foundations is a 14-hour experience designed to help you take the best ideas from agile, lean startup and design thinking to help you create an approach to change management that is compatible with your organization, and the change you’re working on.

Learning Outcomes

  • How can we integrate agile and change management?
  • How can we apply agile practices to complex change programs?
  • How can we reduce uncertainty by iterating our way through change?
  • How can we reframe resistance to change by changing how we think about change?

Who it's for

  • Change agents who want inspirational and actionable ideas that work
  • Agile coaches in search of novel organizational change practices
  • Change managers in search of agile change management practices

What to expect

  • An interactive experience, we don't read slides to people over zoom
  • Expect to participate, this is an experiential workshop, not a training class


Lean Change Ecosystem

  • The LCM Ecosystem is collection of ideas, mental models and tools designed to help people modernize their approach to change.

Lean Change Engine

  • A simulation of how Lean Change moves change forward based on real change cases proposed by the students.

5 Universals of Change

  • How can we consciously choose to make small culture shifts over time by looking at change differently.

The Modern Change Agent

  • Today's change agents need to be more well-rounded. What is that whitespace we’re working in.

MVCP - Minimum Viable Change Framework

  • Because change is not a straightforward process we need to learn how to learn and do as much as we can with tools that are simple and lightweight.

Continual Alignment

  • We don’t just communicate to people, we enter in conversation with the people impacted by the change. This allows us to align people to the change, continuously.

Experimenting Through Change

  • When we start a change, we know little about how the people and the organization will react to the change. We learn about this through experimentation.

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