Enterprise Agile Coaching

20 February 2023, 09:30 —
6 March 2023, 13:30
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Patrick Verdonk
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The growing importance of Enterprise Agility

“Being “agile” has never been so popular, and not just in IT – after all, any company who wants to survive needs agility. These days, we are seeing a push towards agile in HR, marketing, administration and, in general, any environment that needs to reinvent itself to respond to market needs faster.” – Planet Lean

Sometimes as change agents, we forget that organizations are social systems. While our brains desperately want change to follow a linear and standardized progression, we know complex organizational change never has, and will never, work that way.

Enterprise Transformation with Lean Change Management is designed to help you create a context-dependant and feedback-driven approach to transformation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Systems and Complexity Theory
  • Lean Underpinnings & Mindset
  • Understanding Business Agility
  • Extending Agility to the Enterprise
  • Measuring Business Performance with Agility in Mind
  • Awareness of Organizational Structure
  • Adaptive Principles and Patterns for Organizational Design
  • Understanding Business Processes and their Impact
  • Agile Business Process Improvement
  • Understanding and Working with Executive Teams
  • Understanding Executive Coaching vs. Advising
  • Understanding Leadership Development
  • Understanding Organizational Culture
  • Engaging Leadership in Conversation about Culture

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and explain the concepts of business agility, show how they extend beyond team-level and technical Agile implementations and identify organizational aspects that support or hinder business agility.
  • Analyze and categorize elements of end-to-end business processes and model how they can be improved using an Agile approach.
  • Analyze leadership styles and blockers that exist to effective leadership team formation and implement approaches that will improve leadership relationships and effectiveness.
  • Analyze organizational culture, articulate it in a way that is clear to leaders and show how the culture supports or inhibits Agile adoption.
  • Apply the ideas, tools and techniques in a case study of an organization transforming to an Agile organization. The case study should expose challenges the organization is facing at the team, leadership and cultural levels.

Course modules

Business and Complexity

This foundational track kicks off the workshop to give you a basic understanding of internal and external forces that shape our transformations.
We will in a world where it’s become more important to focus on internal processes and how your organization dances within the ecosystem in which it exists.


  • Introduction to Complexity
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Introduction to Business Agility

Organizing the Organization

This track is about the four basic tenants of organizational design:

  • How do we choose to group people?
  • How do we link groups together?
  • How do we align multiple groups toward a higher purpose?
  • How do we know if it’s working?


  • Organizational Structures and Design
  • Organizational Processes
  • Agile Scaling Frameworks

Disruption and Change

Today’s organizations have much less control over their destiny than they used to. The entry barrier into established markets continues to lower, and more leaders want to see significant culture shifts in their organizations.


  • Understanding Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Interventions
  • Metrics that Matter

Unleashing People

It’s the diversity of thought and leadership styles that creates the friction that moves transformation forward. This track focuses on understanding and respecting the similarities and differences between people.


  • Understanding Leadership Styles
  • Modern People
  • Technical Excellence in Change

Case Study

An opportunity to apply learnings by helping merge 3 organizations/departments together through an agile transformation.

Course Format

Virtual, via Zoom and extensive use of Miro

4 hour sessions from 9:30 to 13:30 CET

  • February 20 - Introduction | Business & Complexity
  • February 23 - Organizing the Organization
  • February 28 - Disruption & Change
  • March 2 - Unleashing People
  • March 6 - Case Study

Active participation in the Case Study session is a condition for receiving your ICAgile and Lean Change Management certifications

All sessions take place from 9:30am-13:30pm CET. Check your local time for this slot here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com...


  • Lean Change’s “Voyager” certification and badge
  • ICAgile’s ICP-ENT certification and badge
  • Access to the Modern Change Community included
  • Free copy of Lean Change Management and Change Agility


  • Previous experience with Agile (at a team, or organizational level) and/or Change Management is highly recommended to be able to follow the course and be able to apply the learnings successfully to the Case Study
  • If you can't make it to this session, get in touch with me to see what we can do: patrick@adaptivechange.org. Or connect on LinkedIn
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