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14 July 2023, 20:00 —
4 August 2023, 21:30
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Harri Emari
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The QPMO Management mini series help every Professional Manager to improve their Interpersonal skills and People Domain knowledge for better Business Agility and stress-free change management.

In this four-session, 6-hour workshop, you will join other emerging professionals to discuss their challenges and get advanced training from Management 3.0 Practices and other Best Practices coached by Dr. Emari, PMP.

Dr. Emari has over 25 years of experience in Construction Project Management, Business Development, and Digital Transformation consulting for businesses and has developed his QualityPMO methodology for quality integration in cross-functional teams.

These workshops will be packed with Lessons Learned needed to succeed in Silicon Valley quality-grade organizations!

The best experience of these workshops is achieved when you invite your co-workers and colleagues to join you in the workshop. Dr. Emari will help you navigate through some of the challenges and give you the correct perspective and tools to solve your team's conflicts and problems.

The ShortURL to this page is http://qpmo.us/mini

We will explore the Agile Product Development Module offered by Management 3.0 and compare it to other Agile Methodologies such as PMI Discipline Agile Scrum Master (DASM) Certification approach and how Dr. Emari applies his knowledge to help his organization with Business Agility for better Quality Integration and Assurance.

Session 1: Project Management & Agile Delivery

Session 2: Business Agility & Operations Support

Session 3: Innovative Change & Lean Projects

Session 4: System Thinking & Quality Assurance

Dr. Emari will apply his 25 years of expertise and success stories to each of the modules as he shares his lessons learned with the participants.

If you are unable to attend this workshop, answer the following 3 questions to help us better serve you with the next iteration: http://qpmo.us/feedback

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