(online) IC Agile - Coaching Agile Transitions with LCM

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21 December 2022, 09:00 —
23 December 2022, 15:00
Poland Time   (now 13:53)
Daniel Skowronski
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Discover engaging practices and lightweight tools for planning/improving change and learn to lead a group of change agents. As a result the change will reinforce and will be propagated by coworkers.

The training is intended for:

change agents, agile coaches, scrum masters, leaders / team and department managers, board members, representatives of non-IT departments such as sales and marketing.

Shortened training outline:

→ Introduction - Establishing common grounds and goals for the training
→ Change Agent
→ Lean Change Management: Coaching Agile Transitions
→ Alignment - Lean Change Management Cycle
→ Insights and assessment of the situation
→ Options, classification and selection
→ The method of defining experiments involving people
→ People in change
→ Your own change framework - Introducing concepts in the organization
→ Training summary

A detailed description, pricing and training outline available at: https://valkir.pl/en/training/...

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