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26 August 2016
PMI Conference, Portland, OR, United States
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How to ensure trust and engaged communication in dispersed global teams

As organizations continue to grow flatter and increasingly become more global, remote teams need to acquire new skills to build trust with one another and overcome the perceived distance. In this session we will explore various tools and techniques to increase a sense of team and also look at ways to improve team communication. When we participate in and facilitate online meetings it’s important that we can embrace different cultural work styles to engage all team members. We will look at tips and tools to facilitate virtual meetings to get the most engagement and interaction from your team. This session is taught from a global perspective and is drawing on mindsets and tools from agile methodology and intercultural theory.

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Learning Objectives for the conference workshop:

  • Apply a new mindset to navigate the global complexity in dispersed teams
  • Describe ways to overcome the perceived distance in virtual team communication
  • Demonstrate engaging online facilitation techniques to enhance collaboration from dispersed colleagues
  • Apply new ideas and tools to personal work context


Senior Business Consultant + Interculturalist + Global Facilitator & Speaker. I have 10+ years experience in leading, developing, and delivering cross-cultural learning solutions (f2f and engaged virtual learning sessions) to global organizations and their teams. Within the last years my curiosity has driven me towards Improv as a learning tool, innovation processes, Agile Management, and Design Thinking. Originally from Denmark, lived globally for 21 years, current home in rural setting east of Portland, OR

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