Management 3.0 + Workout! Miami

presented by Angel Medinilla
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14 — 16 December 2016
Miami, FL, United States
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Management 3.0 is a global management movement focused on actionable leadership. This course uses proven, proactive leadership games and exercises to address the challenges of Agile Management, providing tools and techniques for successful complexity thinking, self-organization, goal setting, competence development and change management. The 3-day course, based on the 2010 book of the same name written by leadership guru, Jurgen Appelo, is an interactive learning experience with in-class experiments developed to challenge the way you think, better understand why people do what they do, and prepare you to make an immediate, positive change in your organization.

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Anyone who wants to influence change management and increase employee engagement has the ability to attend a Management 3.0 course. Much of the class includes storytelling from employees and managers sharing their own experiences. Management 3.0 facilitators work to customize each course based on the attendees and their needs.

Management 3.0 Audiences often include:

Product Owners CXOs Directors Functional Managers Agile Project Managers Project Managers ScrumMasters Human Resources Startups and Cofounders


Angel Medinilla is one of the leading Agile & Lean experts in Spain and Latin America. He is a frequent speaker at conferences in four continents so far. For the last 7+ years, he has been coaching all sorts of companies - including banks, telco, gaming, mobile, consulting, government, e-commerce, startups, dot.coms - all around the world in their way to implement Agile methods and transform their Corporate Cultures to survive in the 21st century. His two books, "Agile Management" and "Agile Kaizen", are already available in Amazon. He is a Management 3.0 Licensed Trainer and a member of the Agile Alliance, and also founder of Improvement 21, a network of professionals devoted to bring continuous improvement to your organization and your people.

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