Lean Change Agent Foundations Weekly Cohort

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6 March 2023, 11:00 —
3 April 2023, 18:00
Toronto Time   (now 12:30)
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Jason Little
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This event combines the best of both worlds! You'll get access to our Self-Study platform and 5 online sessions with Lean Change Management creator Jason Little!

Buying a ticket for this event includes access for a year to the LCM Self-Study course.

Session Schedule:

Each Monday at 11am EST starting on March 3, 2023 for five weeks.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How can we integrate agile and change management?
  • How can we apply agile practices to complex change programs?
  • How can we reduce uncertainty by iterating our way through change?
  • How can we reframe resistance to change by changing how we think about change?

Course Modules:

  • What is Lean Change Management: Learn the fundamentals of the LCM Engine
  • Agile and Change Management: Explore a values and principles approach to change
  • Alignment: Tools & ideas to think of creating alignment to change as a continual action, not a one-and-done-phase
  • Experiments: How to craft change experiments
  • Measurements: The difference between diagnostics (leading indicators) and measurements (lagging indicators)

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