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21 June 2021, 10:00 —
22 June 2021, 18:00
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Charles-Louis de Maere
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Koen De Keersmaecker
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So you already have some experience with visualisation and are ready for the next step?

Perhaps you've taken the bikablo basics course a few months, even years ago. Perhaps you've been visualising for some time now and think you could use that extra nudge.

In this bikablo adanced training, we invite you to dream and practice even further with what's possible using pen and paper.

We'll have the time to come back to the bikablo basics techniques, in order to strenghten your existing technique.

We'll explore the world of Storytelling so that you can turn your message into a compelling story. You will practice how to tie visual elements together into a coherent whole.

We'll also explore the world of Graphic Recording so you can use the paper to support your teams, customers and partners during key discussions and strategic initiatives. You will practice how to get the central message stand out visually and get up close and personal with the structure of live visual documentation.

All of this will be done in the atmosphere you know and love from the bikablo trainings, being both relaxed and focusing on the learning. You will get plenty of time to practice with the different topics through group exercices and personal coaching by Charles-Louis and Koen.

As with the bikablo Basics training, we'll focus on improving your own personal style using our tried and tested tips and tricks.


  • Learn the he most important basic techniques from the Visual Storytelling training:

Create and draw heroes who convey your subject as an exciting story

Get to know the background and structure of a visual story

Work with frames to get the most important scenes of your story concise

  • Learn the most important basic techniques from the Graphic Recording training:

Summarize dialogues live using the "grape technology"

Communicate the central message of an event as an important visual

Get to know different basic structures of live visual documentation

Learn how to optimally use the preparation and follow-up time of a live event

  • Discover your own individual style:

Discuss your individual strengths with the other advanced participants and optimize your style

  • Practical Case

Your facilitators

In 2017, we - Charles-Louis and Koen - started our journey as bikablo trainers together. So it's only logical that, when the opportunity came to give this bikablo advanced training, that we decided to give it together. You will therefore have two experienced facilitators that will be there to coach you during the training and you'll also experience both our unique styles in training.


Should you have any questions for this event, please get in touch by email:


This workshop will take place online, from the comfort of your own home, through Zoom. Make sure you have space at home to use paper.

Since this is an online workshop, we will ship you the bikablo Advanced Starterkit in advance to the training. We expect you to have at least Flipchart-sized paper and your own favourite material (different colours of markers, pastel).

bikablo basics?

Don't know where to start? We're organising a number of bikablo basics training opportunities in Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and France. Depending on the current health recommendations, they might be held online as well.

Check Charlouis' profile on the bikablo website or Koen's website on Bizzuals for more information.

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