LeSS Visit - Belgian Federal Pension Service (SFPD)

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21 February 2020, 10:00 — 17:00
Zuidertoren, Europaesplanade, 1060 Brussel, Belgium
Free. Registration is required.
Jürgen De Smet
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Olivier Costa
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The Belgian Federal Pension Service (SFPD) was applying Scrum for a couple of years and like many others, was struggling to get it working at scale, with over 16 teams.

Early 2018 SFPD initiated some courses on SAFe and LeSS to find their own ways, at the same time discovering the importance of Technical Excellence, a cornerstone to make LeSS work for an organization. From that moment on they have spend lots of effort on their technical excellence and subsequent LeSS adoption. 

Today we are proud to invite you to visit their offices and see for yourself how things can be in a LeSS environment with decent attention to Technical Excellence. 🚀

More information on the SFPD Case Study: https://co-learning.be/blog/less-no-more-majors-story-at-sfpd-webinar-recording/02102019

Agenda 🕐





Introduction to LeSS Adoption

Stéphane Goffinet (Manager) + Co-Learning

Grand Tour

Scrum Masters + Olivier Costa

Lunch & Learn @ Pullman Hotel sponsored by Co-Learning 



Backlog Management (Refinement sessions, aligning with stakeholders, transparent communication...)


Aude Vandeputte (PO)

Technical Excellence (No More Majors, 10min builds...)


Scrum Masters + Olivier Costa

Reflection & Closing

Stéphane Goffinet + Co-Learning

Who should attend?

  • Decision makers in doubt to spend time & effort on Technical Excellence
  • Decision makers in doubt to spend time & effort on a Large-Scale Scrum Adoption (LeSS)
  • Technical leaders in large organizations interested in "how to" across multiple teams
  • Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Team members in similar LeSS adoptions/structures
  • The stars we invite directly ✨


No registration fee but a "No-Show" fee of 100€ will be issued when registered and not joining the event. 💶


  • Seats are limited and we want to avoid having no-shows & others not able to join.
  • A restaurant reservation is made up front and we want to avoid empty spots on the table

Drop us a message if all seats are taken, we will be happy to put you on our waiting list and inform you when a spot becomes available.

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