Change Agility

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4 May 2023, 09:30 —
25 May 2023, 13:30
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Patrick Verdonk
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NEW!! This is our brand new course based on Lean Change Management founder Jason Little's travels around the world since 2014. In search of why people were getting stuck with change, and what was getting them unstuck, Jason discovered there were patterns, but not steps or recipes, that were helping exceptional change agents move change forward.

Change is happening faster than ever. Outcomes are uncertain, and the cycle of competition and innovation keeps pushing organizations to change more quickly.
Yesterday's linear approaches to change simply can't keep up with today's pace of change. By the time you get through the scads of documents needed to get sign-off, the organization's reality has changed thus rendering your plan useless.

Learning Objectives

This course will give you the tools & big ideas to help you become an exceptional change agent by showing you how to:

  • Focus on co-creation over getting buy-in
  • Create a shared purpose people can believe in versus scaring them with false urgency
  • Create small experiments designed to jiggle your change loose when you feel stuck versus following the tasks in the plan
  • Separate the signal from the noise when people are reacting to the change versus blaming them for resisting it
  • Generate meaningful dialogue that moves change forward versus broadcasting information at people

Who it's for

  • change agents who are tired of following step-by-step approaches that promise the world and fail to deliver.
  • change agents who are being thrown into agile organizations and aren't sure what to do
  • change agents who want to make an incredible impact by facilitating meaningful change

Course modules

  • The LCM Ecosystem: Each change is unique. The LCM Ecosystem guides you through developing a contextualize approach to change
  • The LCM Engine: The Insights/Options/Experiment loop is the engine. Learn how to use it to take the change where it needs to go
  • 4 Dimensions of Change: Change agility happens when we balance the art and science of change.
  • Tools & Ideas: Explore the science of change with tools designed with agile, lean startup and design thinking
  • 5 Universals of Change: Explore the art of change and shift your perspective about change
  • The Periodic Table of Change Elements: Practice using the LCM change elements to figure out what's wrong and how to nudge change in the right direction.

What you get:

  • Change Agilist digital credential
  • Official certificate of completion from the Lean Change Management Association
  • Free digital copy of Change Agility
  • 3-month access to this membership site with additional micro-courses, tools and more
  • Access to digital library specific to this course
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