Today I’m going to present you our packaged solution for  certification bodies and brands. In the last few months, we had been  making many small internal improvements to make the process of  onboarding and overall account management easier for our team. The goal  was to automate and simplify as many steps as possible. I also spent a  considerable amount of time on clarifying our message and the value we  bring to clients. With the work of several months finally got wrapped  up, the feeling of satisfaction is overwhelming.

Frankly speaking, I got tired of working on this solution. After all,  it is not something new and shiny. We have most of the functionality in  place for a while, we only needed to package it and make it easier for  new customers to try. On top of that, the added functionality was, in  most parts, invisible to you and didn’t affect your workflow directly.  None of you told us, “We want to receive invoices from you in an  automated manner”. Though these improvements free our time for more  valuable stuff, this work is not as satisfactory as creating something  that improves your lives at the end.

All these said, watch the announcement. Two minutes of my humble persona shamelessly promoting the product 😉.

In case, you do not have two minutes, here’s the quick recap of why  Workshop Butler is a perfect choice for any training business licensing  trainers to run workshops and collecting royalty fees.


When a trainer adds a workshop, it appears automatically on your  brand website or disappears if the trainer cancels it. The same is true  for their profiles. Trainers are in full control of them, and you  literally waste no time on updating them.


With a growing number of trainers, you become lost tracking their  licenses. It means the loss of time and money. Workshop Butler prevents  this from happening.


Workshop Butler calculates royalty fees for each licensed workshop,  no matter how complex your pricing model is, and informs what invoices  to send and to whom.


Our solution is reliable, safe and production-tested. Well-known brands like Management 3.0 use it for many years.