August is a quiet season for a training business in many parts of the  world. While some trainers and facilitators enjoy a warm sun and  perfect time with their loved ones, it’s a great moment for us to  concentrate on making the product better.

There are many ways workshops are run and promoted. Sometimes it is  entirely up to you to market a workshop and deal with registrations.  Workshop Butler helps a lot here by providing fully-customisable registration forms in five languages and automating the dispatch of messages to participants.

Other times you work with a partner, e.g., training company, which is  usually responsible for processing payments and registrations. It’s  also ordinary to have an in-company workshop where attendees don’t need  to register in advance.

To help you spend less time on uploading attendees for such workshops, we added an import of attendees from CSV file.

Import Attendees Screen
Import Attendees

It is very easy to use, and you will have no difficulties to start  with it, especially if you have ever used MailChimp import feature.