Have you ever been thinking about creating your own training brand? Or are you already managing one?

If the answer is Yes, then you probably understand how competitive the training market is and how difficult it can be to make yourself recognizable. In this situation, listening to the stories of those who have already been through the same journey and have reached success would be the best inspiration.

Each brand is unique, so is their story. But all of them have something in common — their owners are passionate about making the world of work better. That’s what encouraged them to go independent and do things their own way.

And now they can share this courage with you in our new podcast — Training Business Anatomy. It’s main focus is establishing and managing a training company and overcoming difficulties that you can encounter on this path.

Every week Workshop Butler CEO, Sergey Kotlov interviews owners of successful training businesses and asks them how it all started, what challenges they have faced and how they fight them.

Unlike podcasts hosted by trainers who can relate to their guests’ stories from the peer trainer’s point of view, Sergey tackles the conversation from a completely different angle — as a peer entrepreneur who knows the training industry from the inside.

Take a look at the world of learning from a fresh perspective and get a daily dose of inspiration, ideas, and recommendations for your training business.

Tune in to Training Business Anatomy every Wednesday on your favourite platform.

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