This summer is especially bad in St Petersburg. Constant rains, cool  temperatures at nights and rarely visible sun don’t mix well with  sunglasses and cocktails on a beach. At the weather like this, we prefer  to stay at home, sip coffee and do some work. No surprise, Workshop  Butler got a bunch of new stuff.

Support for different languages

Trainers use our platform to manage workshops all over the world.  Some clients asked us to support other languages as many attendees don’t  speak English well.

Examples of Different Languages

As a result, we added German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian languages. Not only the pages are translated but messages to  participants too. After the registration, participants will get a  welcome email in their mother tongue, along with all other  notifications.

You can set one language for all events. Or tell Workshop Butler to  set a language for pages and emails based on a spoken language of the  event. If your workshop is in German, all pages and emails are in  German. If your workshop is in English, then the pages and emails are in  English.

Improved Workshop Pages

Trainers use Workshop Butler in different ways. Some integrate it  with websites and accept new registrations on their pages. Others prefer  a more traditional approach, using the built-in pages hosted by the  platform.

We care about all of them. To help the latter, we enhanced the design  of five themes and added an optional cover photo to make your workshop  page more appealing to clients.

Example of Workshop Page

Fill-in Instructions

Sometimes you need to give the visitors an additional advice for  completing a registration form. For example, ask to share their food  preferences. It can be easily done now.

Example of Registration Form

Open your profile, choose Registration form tab and add the instructions.