Last few months we have been concentrated on making significant internal changes in the platform. Though they are almost behind us, and you will see a spree of new features soon enough, the process is not over yet. As a result, there are only a couple of new things we want to talk about this time.

Improved Import of Attendees

Back in August, a new function to import attendees to workshops appeared. It saved plenty of time and became one of the most used features. However, some customers found it uncomfortable it was impossible to import paid amounts along with other attendee data.

The latest release gives you this ability. Now the platform automatically assigns a correct type of ticket to attendees or creates the payments of a custom amount.

Assigning a Ticket Column

Assigning a Ticket column

Different profiles for different brands

Imagine, you work with two brands — and Management 3.0. Your trainer’s profile is on both official websites and helps to bring new customers. Apparently, you would like to highlight slightly different points and cases in your bio.

If these two brands use separate course management systems, it is not a problem. But what if they use Workshop Butler?

Now you can differentiate bio and interests for different brands you work with.

When a website retrieves your profile through API, the platform detects what bio/interests to return. When you don’t specify a brand, default bio/interests are used.

That’s all for today!

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