Being able to define what information to collect from attendees is  important for many trainers. It helps them to decrease the time they  spend on pre-workshop communication with participants. For example, by  requesting Billing Address or Dietary Preferences.

In Workshop Butler, trainers have been enjoying fully customisable registration forms for more than a year now. It is no surprise that we wanted to give this  flexibility to training companies, the support for which we added about  two months ago. Though this feature was not on our most wanted list, the upcoming GDPR altered our plans.

Today we are happy to announce that customisable registration forms  are here for companies to play with. They work the very same way you are  used to with accounts for trainers.

Registration Form Settings

By default, the platform supports various system fields like Job title, Organisation, Phone, and etc. Company managers can add them to the forms of their workshops, and make obligatory if needed.

In case you want to collect some specific information, for example, Years of Experience or Dietary Preferences, you can do it easily by creating a new field.

Custom Field Addition

API and built-in event pages support customisable registration forms.  Our new website integrations, which we are making available to the  public soon, also work with them flawlessly. It will be a no-brainer to  start collecting registrations on your website.

Accounts for training companies are still in closed beta. If your organisation is interested to make a try, request a demo and a trial account at