Summary: unsuccessful first salesperson hire, customizable attendee export, good progress on the new UI

As you may have noticed, we changed the title of our newsletter form “Product Update” to “Team Update”. From now on, we are going to share more news about the team and our business experiments, not only about us improving the product.

Hired and fired

Let’s start with a failure (or an unsuccessful experiment, depending on how you prefer to look at it).

Throughout its history, Workshop Butler has always been growing organically. We achieved some good results, but the overall progress was not impressive. Since our product is complex and requires additional integrations and a good understanding of client business processes, we decided to try out direct sales.

With several hypotheses on how to approach new clients, we started looking for a sales development representative and found one in August. Unfortunately, we had no experience in selecting and onboarding sales managers, so we made some mistakes in the selection and trial processes and had to let go of the new team member just a month later.

We learned a lot, but we also spent an enormous amount of time teaching the person about the product, market, our approach to work and many other things. As a result, we did not make much progress in product development.

Customizable Attendee Export

The only sizable feature we delivered in October was the ability to choose what attendee attributes to include during the export.

Now you can export any predefined and custom attendee attribute and some event and evaluation attributes. Read more here

New admin UI

Many of the features we have in mind are not possible with our existing UI. It was created about four years ago for a product which was quite different from the one we have today. We started working on the new UI in August and have made some good progress. It is too early to talk about the first release date, but we are happy to share a screenshot of the attendee profile, so you know what to expect in the nearest future :).