Calendar invitations are a good and simple way to show your students that you care about them. It’s a file attached to a registration confirmation email, allowing recipients to add event dates to their calendar apps.

We introduced calendar invitations to Workshop Butler last year. They’re a part of the welcome message all attendees receive after signing up.

And thanks to wonderful suggestions from two of our customers, we realized that we can take this feature one step further to make the lives of attendees (and trainers) even easier.

Now invitations include an event location as well.

For in-person events, it will be an address of a venue where a session will take place.

Calendar invitation to in-person event

For online events, you can add a meeting link to Zoom, Google Meets, or any other app.

Calendar invitation to online event

This information will be added to a calendar along with event dates. Now your attendees won’t have to go through their emails trying to find the one containing the location, and you won’t have to remind them about it.

Please, read more about calendar invitations here.