Communication with attendees via email is an integral part of any workshop.

Giving your students a warm welcome right after the registration  removes the fear that the registration has not happened, and helps to  establish a rapport from the very beginning. Sending a reminder one or  two days before the event shows participants you care about them. Asking  people for feedback on their experience creates opportunities for  professional growth and marketing.

Considering the advantages, it may surprise that many trainers do not do this regularly. The reason is simple: these tasks are tedious, time-consuming and easy to forget.

How much does it take to send a reminder? Find the text of the  reminder or write it, copy the text of the reminder, change the name of  attendee, enter the attendee’s email, click “Send”. Repeat the last four  steps for 10–15 attendees. 15–20 minutes at least.

The situation with feedback is even worse. You can send a link to an  evaluation form and expect the participants to see it and fill in at  once. What if they do not have time, postpone it and forget? Do you plan  to send it again in a few days, but only to the attendees who did not  provide feedback? Probably not.

In Workshop Butler, there are four different types of automated email  messages. The system sends these emails at predefined moments in time  or when some action occurs.

  • Attendees receive a welcome email when they register for a workshop
  • The system sends an event reminder two days before an event, and only if the event is confirmed.
  • After the seminar is over, the attendees receive up to three  follow-up requests, asking them to provide feedback. As soon as they  send their feedback, no more notifications for them.
Welcome Email Editing
Welcome Email Editing

There is no need for creating separate emails to each attendee. You  create an email template and use email tags instead of names, dates,  etc. Later on, Workshop butler substitutes the tags with real values,  like the name of attendee, or the start time of the workshop.

Configured correctly, they can save you up to two hours for each event, depending on the number of attendees.

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