Attendees in Workshop Butler had two statuses: Participated and Not participated. These states were important as some actions (like follow-up emails) applied only to attendees in one or another status.

However, there was one case which wasn’t supported well — the cancellation of attendance. There were two ways to handle it: leave a cancelled attendee as Not participated or delete him entirely from the system. Neither of these options was good enough. The former one kept attendees in an ambiguous state. The latter one cleaned the contact from the database.

We reworked previous attendee statuses and introduced a new one — Cancelled. The new statuses are:

  • Registered (previously Not participated)
  • Participated
  • Cancelled.

Cancelled attendees do not receive a workshop reminder from the platform. You cannot send a certificate to them either.

As before, you can change a participation status from the list of workshop attendees.

We hope this small change allows you to keep your attendee data in a more organised way.