In the modern world with so many possibilities, time always seems to be in shortage. Managing it efficiently is a very important skill for any proactive person.

We in Workshop Butler strive to help our customers to save a little bit of time here and there.

Keeping trainers informed

Recently, we have introduced the Unpaid Invoices widget for licensed trainers. It reminds trainers about new invoices and helps avoid possible restrictions from certification brands.

The next step in this direction is not just showing reminders, but making it possible to get the task sorted right away. And that's where card payments for licensed events come into play.

Unifying all options

Before, WSB simply showed invoices, but trainers had to pay them somewhere else, with bank transactions. Not very time-efficient, right?

To improve the situation we have added an option for certification brands to allow licensed trainers to pay invoices right from the Dashboard.

Unpaid invoices widget

Enabling it is super easy too. All a certification brand has to do is to connect Stripe to their WSB account and tick the box activating card payments.

And that's it. Now all licensed trainers associated with this brand can pay the invoices right away with a couple of clicks. They just need to enter card details.

Brand coordinator can disable this option any time by removing a checkmark near the corresponding option in the Account Settings.

Read the detailed instructions on how to activate card payments here.

This new feature is another small step to freeing our customers from tedious routines. Learn about our next steps from the Public Roadmap or contact us directly any time with questions or suggestions.