2021 has begun even though not everyone believed that this would happen (ha ha). WSB’s team was also pretty excited to start the new year. We have already mentioned that there are a lot of useful, important and interesting things coming for us and our partners in 2021. In the spirit of New Year traditions, we would like to announce a few New Year’s resolutions. We think that this is both a useful and fun thing to do. Let’s go!

Development and support

Our partners have always valued our service, and so do we. We understand that good feedback is very important for user experience. It is important for clients to know that their issues will be resolved ASAP and that their requests will be taken care of. We get dozens of requests for new features, suggestions on how to upgrade existing features and other really cool ideas. We have also developed a vision of the steps we need to take in order to enhance the performance of our product and deliver additional value to our customers.

We solemnly vow to work on everything related to the technical support and development of our product in 2021!

We have prepared a few distinct steps that we already implemented and there's more to come:

1. Monthly review of support tickets in order to identify “chokepoints” and improve either the system itself or its documentation

2. Public status page

3. Additional external monitoring on top of our own internal monitoring tools

4. New support policies enhanced by automated rules that help prevent debacles

5. Monthly technical review of the system’s code and architecture to make the system more transparent and less error-prone

6. An improved process for tracking feature requests

Partnership and relations with users

We have stated many times that we want to be a customer-centric company. This is our big plan and not just a plan for 2021. Step by step, we plan to build an environment that will be more transparent, will have more communication and more decisions taken based on this concept. We plan to develop and enhance our relations with partners and we have already planned a number of really cool events that will help us in this.

We hereby affirm that in 2021 our partners will experience all the benefits of working with WSB’s team!

Participation in the life of the community and publicity

Throughout most of WSB’s life our partners and their direct contacts have had access to the product and to information about it. This was enough for us to build a truly unique system targeted at unique businesses. Today we are confident in our product and in our business practices. We would like to make our values known to potential customers and to people in the training industry.

We promise that in 2021 we will be more involved in our community and we will have more presence on public channels to ensure that even more professionals can learn about our ideas and solutions!

These are our New Year’s resolutions. We are looking forward to 2022 so we can say: “One, two, three, check, check, check!”