Everything that can be automated, should be automated! This is not just WSB’s motto, but a smart way to reduce expenses. We know that you like everything automated just as much as we do, so here's some good news for you! From now on, you don’t have to approve each evaluation manually, because now Workshop Butler does it for you.

Due to historical reasons, all evaluations that a company receives from its students in the form of feedback need to be approved by trainers or managers.  And most often this step is an undesirable relic of the past. To eliminate this step, you can set up WSB to approve all submitted evaluations automatically. This won’t take you too long.

Please note, that this action is non-reversible and you won’t be able to deactivate it!

Activate for the Brand account

After activating the Automated Approval of Evaluations option, all trainers receive a letter that informs them about it. From now on evaluations from all current and upcoming events will be automatically confirmed and certificates will be sent immediately after the attendee submits their feedback. For past events the settings will remain the same.
In case the evaluation received does not comply with the company’s standards, it can always be removed from Workshop Butler.

Activate for company or trainer account

The option is also available for the company and trainer account. After clicking the corresponding button you will activate automated confirmation for all of your current and upcoming events.

As we promised, everything is quite easy. We have prepared a bunch of guides and articles to help you find the needed page and button, so you won’t get lost. There will be plenty of notifications and reminders, so don’t be afraid of missing anything.
As always, we assure you that we will continue making your life easier by developing a super-automated product that will serve you best.