When it comes to our Training Management system, we believe that there are no unimportant details. We strive to improve our product to provide the best possible experience to our partners and their customers. Recently we have improved the trainer license display and trainer's work experience counting. Have a look!

A little bit of background

Since trainers are licensed by Certification Brands, licenses are displayed on trainer profiles in WSB showing their seniority. Sometimes due to different circumstances trainers can either suspend their activity or resume it. It is only fair that pauses in training activity should not be remunerated or regarded as periods of work. And in case trainers need to renew their licenses, they obviously need to get updates about what has changed during their absence.

So, what’s new?

  • Licenses are now displayed showing the exact periods of a trainer’s activity
  • Brand coordinators can add new periods to a trainer’s profile when their license is renewed

Once again, we believe that the road to perfection is made up of small improvements. If you know something that needs to be upgraded, polished up or refined - please check out our Public Roadmap.