Certificates are de-facto standard in today’s professional education.  Though many trainers and facilitators have a strong opinion against an  existing system, as it has its obvious flaws, most students expect to  receive a certificate after course. At least as proof of their  attendance.

As a result, any certification brand or body needs to invest some  time and money into this area, from the design of certificates to the  logistic of delivering certificates to students. The latter could be  especially tricky if you have no reliable system in place.

When you have just started, it might be okay to make certificates manually. It’s tedious, error-prone and time-consuming work but you could survive for a while. However, if you plan to grow and  keep delivering a terrific experience to your students, this task  becomes a bottleneck in no time. It is the moment when you start looking  for a solution which automates the whole process.

Since its very beginning, Workshop Butler was able to generate certificates and send them to participants. The  scheme was workable but not very flexible. A certification body was able  to have only one certificate template for all its courses, which could  be updated only by the development team.

As the size and the number of our clients grew, we started to see the limitations of this model.

What if there are two or three very different courses, provided by a certification body?

Having just one template is not enough for them.

What if they want to translate their certificate and deliver  certificates in Spanish for Spanish speakers, and certificates in English for others? What if they’re going to change its design from time  to time?

It’s just more boring work for our developers. Not cool!

Two months ago we released a set of new features to tackle the above  issues, and we are delighted with the results after a considerable  amount of live testing.

Now coordinators of any certification body can change the design of certificates themselves with no specialised knowledge or tools. A certificate  template is a Microsoft Word file with several tags in it, which  Workshop Butler recognises and replaces with values like a workshop’s  title or signatures of trainers.

You can upload templates for different languages and types of workshops.  Moreover, Workshop Butler differentiates workshops, run by one, two or  more trainers, and can apply a relevant template based on the number of  facilitators. What else do you need?

It is easy to deliver an excellent experience for your students and  trainers on every step of their journey when you have a reliable partner  in crime. Workshop Butler is a perfect buddy for value-oriented  certification bodies, eager to help you with most time-consuming and  tedious tasks.