Having all the work done for you automatically is great. But only under one condition —if you are in control of the process and can switch to manually handling things whenever you need.

A small feature that we have added recently is another step in allowing trainers and companies to manage things in their own way instead of imposing a single automated solution.

Post-event emails can now be disabled if you don’t want the system to send them.

Workshop Butler sends a post-event email to an attendee when the evaluation they have submitted is approved or when a certificate is generated for them.

The text of these messages is customizable, just like with the rest of emails in WSB. And now you can turn these messages off with a single click, as you have been able to do with follow-up emails and event reminders for a long time already.

Disabled post-event email

Organize the event management process how you see fit — and Workshop Butler will adapt to your preferences.

Please read more information about post-event emails here.