Many training companies nowadays are building impressive networks of trainers who share the light of knowledge all over the world: in different countries, different cities, and different formats.

In such circumstances, it’s important to clearly define where and in what format an event will take place. Workshop Butler now allows to achieve full clarity in this matter by extending the settings for the event location.

How it now works

In-person/online: state clearly how your training will be delivered.

Country/city: specify the exact location for both face-to-face and virtual events.

Worldwide: use this option for online events not associated with any location.

Event location settings

How it helps trainers and training companies

Your event schedule gives website visitors detailed information about where the event will take place.

No need to struggle with remembering time zones — the address will speak for itself.

How it helps certification brands

If your brand calculates fees for licensed events based on countries, knowing the location of each event is absolutely necessary.

With licensed trainers being able to set an address for both in-person and offline events, Workshop Butler will calculate the fee for each event in accordance with the price groups you configure.

Price group configuration

Read about configuring price groups here.