August is usually a slow month, especially for the training business in Europe. Many employees are on vacation; the number of courses goes low as most trainers follow the lead of their customers and prefer to spend summertime with their families.

It shouldn't be a surprise that this August wasn't very productive for us as well. However, the reason was different - we grew our team. We spent a lot of time onboarding our new colleagues and getting accustomed to each other. Now, the team has five superhumans, and it had never been stronger 💪🏽. In the very nearest future, you'll see the result of our terrific work 😄.

Payment Receipts

We introduced card payments for private beta in April, and we are slowly moving to a public release. The payments work wonderfully, though our users still miss a few features. For example, sending payment receipts to attendees. Now you can order Workshop Butler to attach a payment receipt to each welcome email, which attendees get right after registration.

Transfer of attendees

Another request we had in our backlog for a while was an ability to transfer attendees to other workshops. Maybe, you need to cancel a workshop, but an attendee still wants to participate in the nearest future. Perhaps, the attendee cannot take part in the course they registered to and wants to move to another date in the future.

Before you had to recreate the attendee manually, now you simply transfer the attendee to the event of their choice with a couple of clicks.

Improved income statistics

We spend most of our time working on improvements for training companies as it's our primary vector of development these days. However, it doesn't mean that forget about other types of customers.

If you manage a certification brand, now you can see its income grouped by countries or event types. These data help you to identify what types of events bring more money, and what countries experience growth or stagnation to react accordingly. The latter is especially important in the time of the pandemic when the impact for different countries varies greatly.