For quite a long time, it was possible to export the attendees’ list from one event or all events at once. However, this function had its limitations. Only a predefined set of fields got to the final XSLX file, which caused all types of issues and prevented quick access to information.

Now all these issues are gone to the wind. Let’s review what has changed step by step.

Firstly, you can now select what fields you want to have in your report. They are split by three groups: Event, Attendee and Evaluation.

Secondly, we considerably extended the number of attributes available for export:

  • five event attributes;
  • ten evaluation attributes;
  • 22 attendee attributes.

On top of that, you can now export data from your own custom fields added to registration forms. In the image below, we have highlighted the custom fields.

Custom fields for export

Last but not the least, we have changed the format for reports from XSLX to CSV. The latter is easier to use on different systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). It is also suitable for importing data into various tools.

We hope you like the update! We keep working to make your life easier :).